2018 Honour Board


Career Achievement – Peter Hands

Throughout his career Peter Hands has focused on the development and sustainability of the rail freight market in Australia – particularly through his mentorship of others, his commitment to diversity and his unwavering adherence to the highest ethical standards.
Peter’s contribution to Pacific National’s strategic growth projects and operational business improvement programs mean that Pacific National is able to deliver on customer expectations today, but more importantly, expand with the expected growth of the rail freight sector. Despite his 42 years of experience, Peter remains energised by the challenges that face him on a daily basis and he continues to always look for “a better way”. His contribution and experience, married with his agility, compassion and integrity, make him a deserved winner of the career achievement award.

Award Sponsor: Frauscher Sensor Technology Australia


Customer Service – Sydney Trains

The service culture transformation at Sydney Trains has succeeded in delivering a fundamental shift in the way customer service is provided by station team members. The past three years has seen a significant shift from a focus on trains and transactions to a focus on people and interactions. The result – a strong customer-centric rail organisation. This success is a testament to the dedication, passion and commitment of the customer-facing and corporate people who have been critical to driving the service culture transformation.

Award Sponsor: Thales Australia


Employee Engagement – Laing O’Rourke

When Laing O’Rourke’s Hunter Valley Rail Operations identified a lack of staff engagement with the company’s broader Next Gear safety agenda, the response was to do what was necessary to ensure each and every staff member felt committed and responsible for delivering the core principles. They developed a range of tools and system efficiencies tailored towards the rail operations environment, by applying a renewed focus and dedication to changing the traditional culture and developing practical tools, better resources, and the necessary structure to ensure ongoing success.

Award Sponsor: Andrew Engineering


Frank Franklyn Young Rail Specialist (RTAA) – Andrew Kelly

Andrew’s contribution involved managing the planning, design and construction of temporary works using an elevated rail design. The project set a new industry benchmark for employing novel and innovative solutions within a confined work environment and using methodology which has never been used before in Australia. Andrew’s work in gaining approval for the straddle carried in a live operating environment was considered a feat by the RTAA review panel. Andrew has proven that it is possible to create new infrastructure with minimal impact and disruption to existing rail operations and public safety.

Award Supporter: Rail Track Association Australia


Freight Rail Excellence – TasRail

TasRail strives to set new benchmarks of excellence through the safe, reliable and competitive delivery of innovative and integrated logistics solutions. TasRail and its team is committed to safety, performance and communication excellence – as reflected in the dramatic improvements recorded in key safety and performance indicators over the past decade. TasRail’s employees are motivated, dedicated and passionate about ensuring a long-term viable and sustainable freight rail industry in Tasmania, as well as delivering freight in a timely, competitive and safe manner. There is no doubt that TasRail’s Future is on Track!

Award Sponsor: GS1 Australia


Innovation and Technology – Metro Trains Melbourne

Metro Trains Melbourne has developed a new breed of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which provides critical power backup to the inner city’s signalling network, giving the electrical control centre a critical window in which to route alternative feeds without disrupting signal power to the network.

The UPS also protects critical operational equipment such as CCTV cameras, passenger information displays, security systems and pumps that service areas of the network prone to periodic flooding.

It operates in the busy inner city area which handles 14,000+ services per week, and as the system expands it will potentially provide protection across 800km of track.

Award Sponsor: SNC Lavalin


PWI Young Achiever – Abdul Karim Jamal

‘Let’s Make Some Noise’ provides an insight into the ground-breaking work undertaken by Northwest Rapid Transit to develop a Noise and Vibration Specification for a metro system in Australia. It describes how real-world testing of noise and vibration were modelled at an early design stage for the purpose of determining the location of the noise attenuating track from and the required design inputs. While certain challenges had to be overcome, such as ensuring the design timeframes could be met and proving compliance with the project’s requirements, the final design of the trackform system ticked all the right boxes on noise levels, durability and maintenance. This project also represents the team’s dedication and commitment to innovation.

Award Supporter: Permanent Way Institution (PWI)


Rail Sustainability– Byron Bay Railroad Company

The Byron Bay Railroad Company has converted a 1949 heritage diesel rail car to operate on sustainably generated electric traction using high voltage lithium ion batteries which are essentially charged from specially curved solar photo-voltaic panels on the train’s roof and the train’s regenerative braking system and supplemented by plug in charging from additional solar PV panels on the roof of the train’s storage shed. This has adapted and re-purposed a 69 year old diesel rail car into the world’s first solar powered conventional train and is leading the way in the use of sustainable energy resources in the rail industry.

Award Sponsor: Lendlease


Safety – Australian Rail Track Corporation

ARTC’s ‘Pathway to Zero’ is a complete, safety leadership-driven approach. It has involved re-aligning the business to one focused on safety, building capable leaders, safety conscious people and effective supporting systems. ARTC’s people actively care for others and the genuine transformation of the business, while still in the early stages, has been impressive.  The strategy is guiding fundamental behaviour change and is building a workforce that embraces ARTC’s value of ‘No Harm’.

Award Sponsor: Metro Trains Melbourne


Systems Engineering Award (IRSE) – Trevor Moore

Trevor has made significant contributions in the advancement of rail signalling and control systems through the application of systems engineering practices across the whole system life cycle and across the multiple disciplines involved in railways. He has been involved for many years in the running of many conferences including IRSE events, CORE, AusRail. His roles include Chairman of the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board Standing Committee, and contributions to many others including ARTC and IRSE. Trevor also mentors younger signal engineers and encourages their further learning and development and the science of signal engineering.

Award Supporter: Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE)


TrackSAFE Foundation – NSW TrainLink

NSW Trains set an objective to build resilience and encourage support for both employees and managers who have been exposed to trauma. The implementation of the program is a truly collaborative approach with Executive Sponsorship, input from operational employees and support areas, management and leadership involvement, and support from the Unions, Sydney Trains and TrackSAFE.

By delivering approaches that focus on prevention and preparedness, minimising impact of incidents and delivering strong post trauma care, NSW Trains continues to reduce exposure to potentially traumatic events and provide the necessary time and intervention to enable employees to recover and get back to normal life.

Award Sponsor: Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Workforce Diversity – Level Crossing Removal Authority

The Victorian Government has developed a rail industry skills program to prepare Victorians to deliver on the unprecedented amount of work on the State’s rail network over the next ten years and beyond. This program “Training For The Future”, is resulting in a new generation of rail talent for Victoria, providing opportunities to re-skill those from industries in decline and for those people from marginalised and disadvantaged communities. The program is coordinated by the Major Transport Infrastructure Program’s Level Crossing Removal Authority and delivered in partnership between Government and industry

Award Sponsor: NSW Ports


Young Rail Professional (RTSA) – Joint Winners – Ryan Holt and Laura Edwards

Ryan is committed to driving ARTC towards a data driven culture where all employees use data in their decision making, together with their opinions.  Being wheelchair bound and not having had the advantage of being able to go out on-track, Ryan has developed his understandings of the interaction of the wheel and rail, and the effects on track geometry, through his interaction with standards, AK Car data, and his questioning and networking of his peers. His understanding of the rail industry through the interpretation of this data and his commitment to providing best-practice value-adding information to his own personal customers (with an outstanding quality level of service) is valued by all of his peers within ARTC.

Laura has transformed the experience of passengers travelling with a disability in Melbourne. At V/Line she was instrumental in upskilling staff and upgrading key facilities, ensuring that the regional rail operator became the world’s first public transport organisation to acquire the Communication Access Symbol. At Metro Trains Melbourne she formed the Accessibility Reference Group, giving a fresh voice to passengers with a disability. She delivered new boarding solutions including raised platforms and gap fillers, increasing the independence of wheelchair and mobility aid passengers. New station standards were introduced that will deliver a wider range of accessibility features into the future.

Award Supporter: Railway Technical Society of Australasia (RTSA)