This category is open to organisations, not individuals, with programs currently underway or complete that can demonstrate:

  • How the organisation has identified a diversity issue within its business and have taken steps to remedy the situation;
  • Provide statistical data supporting the efforts of the organisation in the area of diversity; for example, the percentage of staff in the organisation in, including but not limited to, gender, age and ethnicity;
  • Details of the development, delivery and outcomes of the initiative; and
  • How the initiative has added to the benefit of the industry in relation to diversity.

Nominations for 2020 Awards – deadline extended to Friday 26 June 2020

Download Workforce Diversity 2020 – Criteria and Instructions

Download Workforce Diversity 2020 – Nomination Form

Submitting nomination:

  • the nomination filename must include the category title and name of the nominating company
  • supporting material must be attached and clearly marked Attachment 1, Attachment 2  etc.
  • email to

Nominations will close at 5pm Friday 26 June 2020

Further information: contact or 02 6270 4527.

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