This category is open to individuals who contribute to the overall success of the operation of railways. An individual must have shown an innovative approach to improving railways in one or more of the following:

  • Signalling systems
  • Control systems
  • Communications for rail operations
  • Wayside systems
  • Trainborne systems for signalling control.

In progressing the development and/or application of new technology to rail infrastructure and operations they have demonstrated some or all of the following:

  • Demonstrate good leadership and innovation capability to apply the technology to railways
  • Thoroughly tested and proved the safety of the new technology for rail applications
  • Applied systems engineering principles in the development or application of the new technology to railways
  • Addressed the Human Factors issues in adopting the new technology in railways
  • Had a senior role in the implementation of a particular project that involves the above criteria


Submitting nomination:

    • The nomination filename must include the category title and nominating company/individual
    • Supporting material must be attached
    • Email nomination to

Nominations will close Friday 19 April 2019

For further information contact or 02 6270 4527.

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